on the use of cookies
The policy on the use of cookies (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") is applied in addition to the General Privacy Policy that applies to the Services of the Oniclay Project (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") or its affiliates.

The policy describes the types of cookies, the purposes for which they are used and the ways in which one can refuse the use of cookies.

1. What are cookies and what for Oniclay.com use them

1.1. Cookies are small pieces of data with service information about site visits that the server sends to your device.

1.2. Cookies store information about your preferences and allow you to view visited sites in a more convenient way for a certain time. For example, thanks to cookies, the site Oniclay.com offers you to view information in the preferred language you normally use.

1.3. Oniclay.com uses cookies to:

- improve the quality of your work with the site;

- show priority information for you;

- analyze the usage statistics of the website.

1.4. Based on data obtained using cookies Oniclay.com develops the most useful functionality for the services you use, conducts statistical and marketing research, fixes errors in the services and tests new features to improve the performance of the services, personalizes them and shows the most relevant information to you.

2. What cookies does Oniclay.com use

2.1. Oniclay.com uses various types of cookies. The main purpose in their use is to ensure the convenience of your work with the services, to maintain a high level of security in the work of the services, to count the number of people visiting the website, to help with payments, navigation through the pages, etc. All Oniclay.com cookies belong to one of the following types:

2.1.1. Technical cookies that are necessary for the proper operation and provision of the full functionality of the services. One of the most common technical cookies, for example, is session_id. They are installed automatically and enable authentication and subsequent authorization in the services. Secure_session_id cookies are used to authorize users and ensure the security of their credentials when making payments.

2.1.2. Analytical and marketing cookies that allow you to:

- recognize users, count their number, and collect information such as operations performed, pages visited, and pages viewed;

- identify your hardware or software, such as browser type or device (using the device_id cookie);

- collect data on how you interact with Oniclay.com, for example, whether a service or a product has been purchased;

- ensure the relevance of advertising and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

2.1.3. Other cookies perform various service functions and make it easier to work with Oniclay.com. These files help to remember the status of a page, select a region, save personal preferences such as customizable site elements, for example, text size, font (e.g. by using a font_loaded cookie), etc.

2.2. Oniclay.com can use web beacons (pixel tags) to access cookies stored on your device. Their use is necessary to analyze your work activities by accessing and using cookies stored on your device to collect statistics about Oniclay.com performance.

2.3. Oniclay.com also uses cookie containers that contain multiple values. For example, a cookie container named ys saves portal data for the duration of the session (until you close the page or browser window). Cookie containers reduce the number of cookies processed by your browser and provide improved page loading performance, including faster page loading.

2.4. Disabling certain specified types of cookies may result in the inability to use certain sections or features of the services.

3. How long are cookies stored on your device

3.1. Oniclay.com uses session cookies to make it easier for you to work with the services. For example, using the cookie cookie_check, your authorization data is stored and when you switch to another domain zone, you do not need to go through the authorization process again. Session cookies expire at the end of the session (when you close the page or browser window).

3.2. Oniclay.com can also use cookies that are stored for a longer period, for example, to remember your preferences on the services, such as language or location. The duration of data storage depends on the type of cookie. These cookies will be automatically deleted after they complete their task.

3.3. Oniclay.com uses the information contained in cookies within the terms and conditions specified in the Policy, as well as in the Privacy Policy of the Oniclay.com.

4. Cookies management

4.1. When you first visit the Services, you may be asked to select the types of cookies that will be stored on your device in a pop-up window (or using another technical solution). Technical cookies are set automatically when a page is loaded, unless otherwise specified in your browser settings. If you approve the use of cookies, but then you want to change your mind, you can do this yourself by deleting the saved files in your browser.

4.2. Oniclay.com does not require a mandatory agreement on the installation of cookies on your device when using services. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, disable this option in your browser settings.

4.3. You can also delete saved cookies at any time in your browser's system settings. You can change your browser settings to accept or reject all cookies by default, or cookies from certain websites, including Oniclay.com.

5. Who, except Oniclay.com, has access to information contained in cookies

5.1. Information collected using cookies stored on your device is stored in accordance with applicable laws.

5.2. Partners of Oniclay.com may also collect information about users using cookies or pixel tags as part of their use of the Services. The use of cookies and other technologies allows Oniclay.com and its partners to analyze activity when using the Services by counting the number of visits or showing customized to the Service advertisements.

5.3. Information collected through cookies stored on your device may be transmitted and accessed by Oniclay.com or its partners under the terms of the Privacy Policy. The use of the collected information on external websites may be subject to separate user agreements, which are available on partner websites. Oniclay.com or its partners may also provide you with the opportunity to decline personalized advertising, in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to such products and offers.